San Leo, formerly known as Montefeltro, is located 583 meters above sea level, 32 km away. from Rimini, in Val Marecchia (SS 258), on a huge rock all around impassable; it is accessed by a single road cut into the rock. On the highest point of the spur rises the impregnable Forte, remodeled by Francesco di Giorgio Martini, in the fifteenth century, by order of Federico III from Montefeltro.
The very ancient city that was the chief town (from the origin to the end) of the county of Montefeltro and theater of civil and military battles for about two millennia, assumed with Berengario II the title of Capital of Italy (962-964). St. Leo (4th century AD) was its evangelizer.
The city hosted Dante ("Vassi in San Leo ...") and S. Francesco d 'Assisi, who here received the Monte della Verna as a gift from Count Orlando di Chiusi in Casentino (1213). The room where the conversation between the two men took place is still preserved.

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